Dancing Girl!


Christmas Morning!

     We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Everyone was healthy and we were all able to be together. Can’t ask for more than that! All the kids had a great time opening their presents. The weather was amazing all weekend, so we all spent quite a lot of time outside…….and I won’t say how much delicious food we all consumed! Oh…..and a special gift from my parents was a “shed” book and a Lowes giftcard to buy the building materials. We desperately needed a shed and Charley wasted NO time getting it built. Pics of that coming soon!

This next picture……kind of funny, but a sad reality for me. I really miss cold, snowy winters (I grew up in NY) and here is a common sight in our house by the front door ALL winter long.

We sent Bradley & Cody on a scavenger hunt to find their “big” present (new BMX bikes) and this was the look on their face when they found them!

Happy 4th!

     Hope eveyone had a great 4th of July! We had lots of fun! My cool cousin Robbie flew out from NY to spend the weekend with us. We have been busy giving him the tour of Texas! We went to a firework display, the Fort Worth Stockyards, a few good Mexican restuarants, took a tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, had a BBQ, saw Karate Kid, went swimming and more! My parents also came down from Oklahoma for the weekend. Lots of fun! Only problem is……my camera battery went dead on the 4th after taking ONE picture (Sam in her carseat on the way to the 4th festivities) BIG BUMMER. So, here’s all I got…..the one from the 4th, and I snapped a few at the pool today. Poor Kalee…….no, we haven’t disowned her…..I know, she’s not in any of the pics, but she was babysitting today and didn’t get to come swimming with us.

New Blog

     We have a new blog address: www.fieldadventures.wordpress.com This blog was originally created to log our adoption of Samantha, but now that she has been home for over a year and we are in the adoption process again, we thought it was time to rename the blog to reflect the whole family! Hope you will continue to follow our adventures!

* I will keep most of the blog posts open to all, but will be password protecting some of the posts pertaining to our current adoption journey.

     Friday was my last day of work until January 4th! WOO HOO! Two whole weeks off. I am sooooo ready for a break! The past few months have been so busy. I am so excited to just have some down time with the kids, get things done around the house, sleep in and not be on a crazy busy schedule.

     I am DONE with ALL my Christmas shopping, I think. Surely I haven’t forgotten anything, right? Everything is wrapped and under the tree. You can find Sam under the tree sitting ON the presents. She is at such a fun age for Christmas! She is very impressed with the tree, the lights, the presents, the Christmas music and everything else that goes along with Christmas.

     Today, Sam and I went shopping ALL day long. She was a rock star for having no nap, getting in and out of the van a hundred times, and going from store to store to store. The long lines, the traffic, she was an awesome shopping buddy. (Granted, she had french fries, coke, icecream, more coke, cookies and anything else she thought she needed. Whatever it took to keep her happy.)  

    Tomorrow I plan to bake all day. Cookies, candies, gingerbread houses, yup…..all that “bad for you” stuff that comes with this time of year. I love to cook and bake, and the kids seem to enjoy helping out as well as pigging out! Should be a fun day!

Jammin to Christmas tunes!

Sitting in her new favorite spot!

Heading out for a FULL day of shopping! She was laughing on the way out, but not so much on the way home!

Shopping (or should I say PLAYING) at Pottery Barn Kids - the one store she did NOT want to leave!

Marble Slab.....one of our many junk food stops! Hey, whatever works, right?

23 Months (late)

     A day late, but with good reason. Sam and I were both blessed with a nasty stomach virus yesterday. NO FUN. After a trip to the doc & the pharmacy, we are both on the mend. While we were at the doctor, she weighed in at 20 pounds 2 ounces! WOOO HOOO, we finally broke 20! And she is 31 inches tall. Our little peanut is finally growing! I figured we would see some growth the next time she was weighed and measured because she has been eating so much more and also seems to tire our arms much quicker when we carry her. I will write a more in depth update on everything next month. So unbelievable that a month from now, our baby girl will be TWO YEARS OLD!!!

Waiting for the doc!

"Got keys, got baba, now let's get out of here!"

At Target stocking up on Mortin, Tylenol, Pedialite & Saltine Crackers. She was quite happy about our little shopping trip!

Back home and crashed on the couch.

Journey to Bethlehem

     Last night we loaded up the family (in the freezing cold & wet) and headed out on a Journey to Bethlehem. On the way, we stopped for some yummy Mexican food so we didn’t get too hungry on the long journey! It was so cold and there was a light but constant freezing mist that stayed with us throughout the whole journey, but it was well worth it and there was lots of hot chocolate to warm us up at the end! The kids all had fun and it was a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. I got a few pictures, but not many turned out good. Oh, and Sam’s favorite part was the donkies. I kept telling her they were donkies and she would look at me like I was crazy and tell me they were NOT doggies, they were horses!

Heading out on the journey!